Sickness absence

The sickness absence rate at NS was 6.0% in 2018 (5.7% in 2017). Sickness absence among chief guards is systematically high, in part because of the ageing profile of this group. In 2017, an investigation was carried out into the workload of the chief guard’s job, the results of which will be published in 2019. NS also wants to work on increasing the employability in cooperation with staff. We are doing this in part by offering preventive interventions that help them maintain their health, whereby staff can decide themselves what is important to help them remain employable.

Individual budget

As of 2018, all NS employees receive an individual budget totalling 750 euros (gross) for three years. They can use this money for facilities and activities that fit their personal wishes in the fields of vitality, career, development or finances. The money could for instance be used to finance gym membership or a training course.