Organisational improvements

To be able to deliver good services, NS is aiming to develop into a decisive and results-oriented organisation with effective leadership. We attach great value to operating in accordance with the agreed norms and values.

Culture and conduct

The conduct of NS’s employees in their day-to-day activities and the choices they make in their work are crucial to the integrity of the company. In 2018 NS organised a programme focusing on reinforcing a culture of openness and taking responsibility in which dilemmas are discussed, risks weighed up and choices made on the basis of the right information and in which we learn from our mistakes. We use a method that ensures that staff make choices about integrity and conduct, with proper understanding and enthusiasm and from an intrinsic conviction. The aim is to have lasting safeguards ensuring desired behaviour and integrity within NS. Sessions on integrity and compliance take place across the organisation to increase awareness. Attention is paid to the specific context in which teams operate. Employees also complete e-learning modules to enhance knowledge of compliance themes (competition, information security and privacy). In addition, a toolkit with a variety of working methods helps managers and their teams introduce improvements.