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86% (2017: 84%)

87% (2017: 85%)


84% (2017: 79%)

86% (2017: 83%)

Every year, the Train Experience Monitor measures the scores that 30,000 passengers give for the quality of the trains and one recent journey. This helps us improve our services to our passengers. Passengers’ assessments of Intercity trains improved slightly due to the influx of modernised Intercity trains (VIRMm1). In 2018, 86% of our passengers gave a score of 7 out of 10 or higher for the Intercity compared to 84% in 2017. The assessment of the Sprinter trains saw a clear rise: from 81% in 2017 to 84% in 2018, largely due to the introduction of new FLIRT-type Sprinter trains.

Clean trains

NS wants its passengers to be able to travel in clean trains. That is why we clean the interiors daily. Last year, 68% of passengers gave the cleanliness of trains a score of 7 out of 10 or higher (62% in 2017). We concentrated last year on making sure trains are clean when they start in the morning. With sector partners we worked on a more reliable logistics plan to ensure that trains arrive at the cleaning locations on time and that they leave clean and on time. Trains are also cleaned while in service, and train toilets are cleaned better. Furthermore, we improved the cleaning of the floors in the modernised double-decker. Cleaning the outside of the trains remains a point for attention. Trains often do not pass through the washing machine due to the tight logistical schedule. NS is working on innovations that make it easier to remove dirt from the outside of trains, such as foil. We have not yet implemented that innovation because of fire safety standards. We did a test with nano-coatings on trains last year. When the results are in, we will decide whether or not we can follow this up.