Pleasant use of time

NS wants passengers to experience their journey time as their own time that they can make good use of wherever possible. NS works on this together with the public authorities, knowledge institutions, partners within the rail sector, suppliers, design agencies, designers and passengers. In 2018, for example, NS developed new digital functionalities and included them in the NS Lab app for a small group of test users. Tested features include MindfulNS, a railway quiz and podcasts. In 2018 we also developed a joint vision of the train interior of 2025 with architectural firm Mecanoo and interior supplier Gispen. A draft design of this vision was worked out in the form of a Virtual eXperience Lab and shown at the Innovation Expo and Dutch Design Week.
Also new in 2018 was the Inspiring Journeys programme. In this programme we work together with partners on services and facilities that aim to improve the door-to-door journey.