Cooperation during planned or unplanned interruptions to the service

It very important that the tracks are properly maintained and improved. This can however cause hindrance for passengers. In March, train traffic was subject to restrictions in the Rotterdam region for three weeks. In February, July and August there was replacement bus transport due to work on the tracks in Zwolle, Zaandam, Weert and Goes. We work closely with ProRail and the other carriers to limit hindrance and offer passengers alternative transport if possible. We also inform passengers about planned interruptions to the service proactively and in good time, for example via the website and the NS app. Work on the tracks is mostly done at night, over the weekends and in holiday periods.
This will continue to be an issue over the years to come. NS is working with ProRail to make the Randstad conurbation properly accessible during planned work in the city of Amsterdam. Our intention is to not further increase hindrance for passengers.