NS as an employer in the Netherlands

NS is one of the biggest employers in the Netherlands and is a strong brand in the labour market. Every day, our nearly 22,000 employees enable people’s door-to-door journeys in the Netherlands. We welcomed almost 5,000 new colleagues in 2018, either starting permanent jobs, or temporary assignments or part-time jobs alongside their study or other work. Sufficiently skilled and healthy employees are crucial for NS in putting our strategy into practice. We therefore see it as a high priority to maintain professional skills, develop talent and leadership and recruit talented new colleagues.

Our employees

  • At the end of 2018, the NS workforce comprised 21,011 staff (18,381 FTEs)

  • 84% of all NS staff had permanent contracts (81% in 2017) (male/female ratio: 71/29) and 19% have temporary contracts (male/female ratio: 46/56)

  • Of NS’s workforce, 67% were full-time employees (male/female ratio: 83/17) and 33% were part-time employees (male/female ratio: 36/64)

  • Women made up 33% of the workforce at NS (2017: 34%)

  • The average age of our employees was 44 (2017: 43)

  • In 2018 NS had a flexible layer with hired personnel of about 7% of the workforce.