Leadership at NS

In 2018 we set up a new profile for managers based on the new mission and vision of NS. Four qualities are important for managers within NS:

  • cooperating on an integrated basis while giving top priority to the interests of passengers

  • achieving ambitious objectives

  • leading the change

  • being an example for others

In 2019 we will further shape the development of our managers based on this profile. In 2018, we continued to pay as much attention as ever to promoting the current managers and preparing the managers of the future. We have a clear idea of the successors in both the longer and the shorter term for the 190 key positions. In 2018, 74% of appointments to key positions were based on the internal succession plan.

Leadership development

We offer customised support and in-company leadership programmes to employees who have the potential to advance to a management position. The third edition of the Navigator leadership programme (successors for top-50 jobs) ran throughout the year. On 14 December the 14 participants, from NS and Abellio, presented their recommendations on how leadership can boost the improvement of NS’s financial performance. Furthermore, the CAP programme for a group of candidates for management positions came to an end. 25% of the participants took a follow-up step during or shortly after finishing the programme. A new group of 17 candidates has now started the programme; they are defining the steps they need to take as managers.
In 2018, 22 trainees took part in the trainee programmes for operational management, IT, technology and finance.