2019 Timetable

The 2019 timetable is virtually identical to the 2018 timetable. Trains were made longer on a number of routes due to the anticipated growth in passenger numbers. 206 new Sprinter trains are also being phased in until the start of 2023. Furthermore, additional trains have started running from a number of stations. From 2019 onwards, five instead of four Intercity trains will be operated on the high-speed line every hour, seven days a week, between Amsterdam Centraal and Rotterdam Centraal. In the nights of Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday, there is an extra Intercity train on the Den Haag Centraal-Gouda-Utrecht Centraal route.
The journey time has become shorter on a number of routes. Due to better connections at Gouda, the journey time from Gouda to Utrecht Centraal by Sprinter train is nine minutes shorter. Between Woerden and Den Haag Centraal and Rotterdam Centraal, the journey time is eight minutes shorter for half of the connections. There are some routes with a few minutes extra journey time in 2019. This applies for example to the Thalys between Amsterdam Centraal and Schiphol and between Paris and Amsterdam. Due to changed departure platforms and times at Gouda station, there is a small group of passengers who have longer journey times because they have to wait longer for a connecting train.

A new station: Lansingerland-Zoetermeer

The new timetable now sees the Den Haag Centraal-Gouda Sprinter train stopping at the new Lansingerland-Zoetermeer station four times an hour.